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As part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration weekend, our faculty, alumni and students presented digital poster sessions, giving us a glimpse into the next 30 years

By Rachel Hommel | GPS News

Caio MansiniMuch has been discussed about the potential damages that a cyber conflict can pose to populations, countries and business; however, little focus has been addressed to examine the cyber threat as a policy issue, until now.

At the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS), we are primed to design policy for a global impact and 2019 MIA candidate Caio Mansini is doing just that by looking at how to mobilize citizens and policymakers to put the cyber threat on the political agenda.

“There are no borders on the Internet. This is something really interesting to me. It is a world without borders,” said Mansini.

Fascinated by computers, Mansini examines the General Data Protection and Regulation agreement (GDPR) effectiveness in preventing data breaches, while building his own scalable model called Atlas for streamlined, affordable data collection.

“Cyber is constantly changing, yet our governments remain static,” said Mansini. “If governments want to address issues, they will need to adapt to the challenges to come. We are living in a really interesting time.”

With cybersecurity an increasing threat, hackers are changing institutions themselves, a symbiotic relationship that directly affects policymaking, both domestically and internationally.

Cyber Politics DIgital Poster by Caio Mansini

Interested in learning more? Check out our full line up of posters presented at the 30th weekend, including topics ranging from A.I., climate change, gender disparity, immigration and security, and more.

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